A Girl Named Jac

My parents named me Jac Frost because they’re actually evil villains in a new Disney princess movie that no one has ever heard of. Mainly their form of evil so far has been to give their kids bad names to torture them into submission and force them through school and into successful lives. But still, it counts. They’re evil and cruel and lack the compassion to name their kids even remotely normal things.

That being said, if they’re the villains, I guess that makes me the princess because I most definitely wear enough crowns to take on the role.

Of course, I wouldn’t have ice powers like Elsa (been there, done that) I’m more of a Belle style reader with Rapunzel’s need to do everything and see everything. I also like to think I have Alice in Wonderland’s crazy streak, but she’s not a Disney princess so it doesn’t fully count.

Anyways, this is a blog in which I plan to talk a lot about all of my very important opinions on all of the current and outdated pop culture in the world.


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